Joe Benson - Director of Agent Development/Realtor

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After graduating from the University of Central Florida with my fancy marketing degree, I did what most people do. I printed 100 resumes and filled out 1,000 online applications. I was fortunate enough to not only find a job right away, but in what is a rare occurrence I found a job I loved. I spent the first three years post graduation selling entertainment to 70,000 or so people any given Sunday. I joke that I never achieved my goal of star third baseman for Atlanta, but I did make it in pro football. It is truly a blessing to have been a part of something so great. Unfortunately, working in pro sports requires that you be willing to relocate on the dime to advance your career. Therefore, my love for spending time with family along with my desire to remain in Tampa Bay drove me to make a decision to change careers. That's what motivated me to shed the confines of the corporate world and join Argo Properties to create Benson Family Realty. Argo's independent contractors are not required to pay huge franchise fees that are intended to market agents and not homes. This gives Benson Family of ARGO Properties the ability to focus on marketing my clients homes and rely on excellent service and knowledge to win us word of mouth ads. At Benson Family Realty, our goal is to focus on you, the customer and make sure that you can enjoy the largest purchase you will ever make with no regrets. At Benson Family of ARGO Properties, we want to help you find a home not a house.